Rates are rising with the wind. Where will it end?


If you didn’t see it in the news recently, January 2024 might bring some surprises on your utility bill. The CPUC, the oversight commission for California public utilities, recently approved PG&E’s request to increase rates by about 13% effective January 1, 2024. This means that if your bill is $150 now, the comparable bill in January is almost $170. If your bill is $500 now, it’s going to be more like $565.


This in itself may not feel like it’s going to break your bank, (or maybe it will these days) but what is important to note is that this is only one of several requests for rate hikes that PG&E has submitted to the CPUC. Rates are going to continue to rise. It’s not your imagination that your bill has been creeping up and up.


“According to the latest quarterly report on electric rates from the Public Advocates Office, the CPUC’s independent consumer advocate, monthly bills went up an average $52 or 38% between January 2021 and September 2023. In the last decade, costs have increased more than 90%.”

Marisa Endicott. “More Rate Hikes in Store for PG&E Customers.” Press Democrat. November 17, 2023.


Ouch. California already has some of the highest rates in the all the states. You want cheap utility rates? It would have been great to go solar ten years ago, but the next best time is right now. Here in Sonoma County we have lots of reasons to be irritated with our utility, but moving to solar and energy storage batteries is action you can take to protect yourself from rising rates. Solar advances are being made very quickly. The best return on your investment now includes a battery system to minimize the solar power you return to the grid. Instead, you keep it and use it. Imagine it’s after sunset and you’re still running on solar!


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