At Synergy, we are all about the future. We are excited that there is such great interest in solar here in beautiful Sonoma County. Have you noticed all the panels popping up over parking lots and on neighbor’s rooftops? What you may not realize is that all these new solar systems are pushing power back into the grid at the same time. When there is more power than can be used, it must be curtailed and is wasted. This is one reason Synergy is looking to the future and to battery storage for excess power production. Not only are we moving into the solar plus battery storage niche market, but we have been installing and writing about batteries with the future in mind!

Additionally, Synergy Solar has been chosen by Enphase, a California company we have long worked with, to participate in their Ambassador Program and beta test their new battery system called Encharge. We will be training in December 2019 for installation and feature functionality and will be installing the Encharge in our owners’ homes in January 2020. We anticipate general release and pricing in the first quarter of 2020. We are currently offering and will continue to offer installation of the Sonnen Eco battery system in conjunction with the Enphase Encharge battery system.

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