photo credit: element5

In keeping with Synergy’s goals of sustainability and community support, we want to remind you about our School Program. We started the program in 2011 and want to get it jump started again. Synergy is committed to contributing to the local community and making a positive impact on education and the environment. We hope to be able to contribute to ten schools this year under our School Program.

The program is pretty simple. We will make donation to a Sonoma County school, either public or private, for every system installation purchased by a Sonoma County school community member. Our goal is to encourage the use of clean energy and support local education. Please let us know by contract signing.

Here’s how the Synergy Solar School Program works:

  1. $500 for Solar with Savings Battery: School community members opting for a solar system with a savings battery will not only enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy but will also contribute $500 towards their designated school.
  2. $500 for Battery Only Addition to an Existing Solar System: School community members who already have a solar system in place and wish to enhance their system by adding energy storage capabilities, Synergy Solar will donate $500 to the chosen school for every battery added.
  3. $1000 for New Solar System with Backup Battery: School community members opting for a new solar system with a backup battery not only ensure energy independence but also secure a $1000 donation for their local school.

We aim to create synergy not just between solar energy and your home, but also between environmental consciousness and educational empowerment. The School Program not only benefits the schools financially but also serves as an educational opportunity for students to witness firsthand the positive impact of renewable energy. We hope this program will encourage the adoption of solar energy solutions and strengthen the ties between the company and our community where we live, work, play and learn.

As Sonoma County community members, business owners and parents who have children that have attended school in Sonoma County, I feel it is important to support the next generation. By supporting Sonoma County schools we are investing in the future for our community.”          –Mike Pane, CEO of Synergy Solar.

As Synergy Solar continues its dedication to the community, the School Program stands as a testament to the company’s belief that sustainable practices and community support go hand in hand. The program is already in motion, with Synergy Solar excited to continue to contribute positive changes to local communities and the environment alike. Contact us today if you would like to help us reach our goal of contributing to ten schools this year. 707-823-8003