Clarification is a beautiful thing! Recently, Synergy was featured in an article in The Press Democrat. The article implied that solar panels could supply power to a home directly when the grid was down—like during PG&E’s fire prevention blackouts. Here’s the clarification: Currently, the most popular ways to have power when the grid goes down are a generator or solar system that includes a battery back-up. Solar panels alone disconnect from the grid in an outage for the safety of the linemen and women and do not continue to provide power to the home. In mid 2020, Enphase is coming out with a new inverter and system disconnect that will be able to disconnect from the grid in an outage AND continue to supply your home with power—as long as the sun is shining. But come dusk, you still might want a battery back-up so you can make dinner and charge your phone! Check out our blogs on batteries if you want more information.