This month Synergy kicked off our new Community Solar Program, donating $1,000 to the Sebastopol Educational Foundation (SEF) , by finishing our first solar system installation under the program.

Liz Schott, Superintendent of the Sebastopol Union School district, said at the kick off, “Sebastopol Educational Foundation (SEF) appreciates Synergy Solar & Electrical Systems for its dedication to the environment and to our district. In these challenging economic times, partnerships like this between SEF and Synergy are crucial to maintaining the vitality of our local schools.”

Scott and Averi were the first to install a solar system through the Synergy Community Solar Program with SEF.   Scott Leonard explains why he chose to utilize this program:

“Averi and I are proud to help launch Synergy’s Plug into the Sun SEP initiative  —their new solar program that donates much-needed dollars to the Sebastopol Education Foundation. We have three children in the Sebastopol school system and fully understand the growing need for funding.  As a local green business owner, we’ve always been interested in reducing our carbon footprint, and as a Go Local Sonoma board member, it made perfect sense to go with Synergy as a local company. Our solar installation was just completed, and the experience was flawless with virtually no money out-of-pocket.  Now that this unique program is off the ground, our community has a venue to reduce energy expense, protect the environment, and give significant amounts of money to our local schools–an amazing win, win and win situation.  The Synergy staff made the entire process easy from start to finish, and we are pleased with the design, installation and the service. Our solar installation is an investment that has added to the value to our home, reduced our monthly expenses, and helped to preserve the environment while supporting our schools.”

Scott Leonard
Chief Executive Officer
Indigenous Designs


Jeff Mathias, co-owner of Synergy, explains why Synergy is offering this program.  “As a Sebastopol based business, we feel it is Synergy’s responsibility to give back to our community.  With all the cut backs our local schools have seen over the past year, it is our goal to fund some of the programs that would otherwise be eliminated.”
Synergy is a Sebastopol based solar installation company serving Sonoma County for over 20 years. We are launching our new community Solar program to help fund local schools.  We are primarily a word of mouth company focusing our resources on our customers and local community. Please join us in reaching our goal of making a difference for Sebastopol children as well as contributing to the local economy and the environment.
The Leonard’s roof mount solar array.
Panels ready for the panel lift and installation

Chaz, Conor and Gustavo installing panels.