Now that we have slogged through the damp weather this spring, your solar panels are aching to embrace everything the sun has to offer.

To help them do that, and to get the most out of your solar panel array, Synergy recommends that your solar panels be cleaned in the month of April. We do not offer this service, but if you would like a recommendation, we recommend Pura Vida Solar Company, (707) 376-8432, and Pro Solar Clean, (707) 971-0017.

Removing the dust, pollution, bird droppings, and leaf litter from your array is the best thing you can do to improve your production. Google did an experiment on their solar at their headquarters in Mountain View. They found that cleaning the panels was “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce.” Cleaning their solar panels that had been in operation for 15 months doubled the output of electricity. The study indicated that the flatter the panels lay, the more important cleaning was. The same study also found that rain is not a satisfying way of cleaning solar panels.

You can do your own experiment and monitor changes in the power output of your solar panels before and after cleaning. How much can you improve your output after cleaning?