Sonnen has released a new Sonnen app for customers to interact with and manage their Sonnen home battery system in a more personalized manner.

The new Sonnen App is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores, starting on April 11, 2023 and includes a range of enhanced features that help customers:

  • Get detailed insights on a household’s live energy flow, including real-time and historical energy production and consumption data.
  • Choose how a home’s energy data is displayed with the new and improved user interface.
  • Monitor the performance of an entire Sonnen home battery system all in one place, including the Sonnen battery and the rooftop solar system from a single screen.
  • Protect households from power outages by setting a minimum battery backup reserve or activating the emergency backup mode to immediately charge the battery to 100%.
  • Integrate and control smart appliances such as home automation systems or heat pumps in the future.

Please note that Sonnen will be inviting existing Sonnen customers to download the new Sonnen App via a notification in the existing “my sonnen app” and via a direct email sent out in late April 2023.  If you are an existing my sonnen application user your email should already be associated with sonnen, if this is your first time using any sonnen application you will need to register your system with the email your installer used to commission your home battery.

Discover what the new Sonnen App can do for you today, click here.

Download the updated Sonnen App from your Google Play or Apple App Store.

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