Who doesn’t love a perfect combo like Buttercup and Westley, coffee and pastry, hot and shower, solar and storage?

The hot new move in the solar world is solar battery storage. Solar storage allows you to capture that midday sun energy and stash it for use when you are most likely to need it — and when rates to draw from the grid are most expensive.

Storage also lets you take that hot shower and have hot coffee when the power has been cut to mitigate threat of fire. This is our new reality in Sonoma County and in short outages, solar storage can help you get on with life.

Solar batteries have improved in the last few years thanks to interest in alternative energy sources. Synergy is a fan of the Sonnen eco battery. This battery is a fully integrated energy storage system that includes an inverter and smart energy management software that allows you to manage your time-of-use. Not only does it have a clean look and is easily sizable to your array, but it will help you to further reduce your carbon foot print.

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