Residential Solar

  • Justifications based on current PG&E bills, Rebates, Tax credits
    and Sonoma Clean Power.
  • Turnkey installations, making the installation process easy.
  • Roof and Ground mount systems.
  • Education on system operation, and post installation thumb drive.
  • 10 year warranty and support.
  • Justifications with Federal Tax credits and Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

Residential Battery Storage

  • Sonnen and Enphase Storage Systems
  • Storage for Back-up when Utility is down.
  • System Set-up to Discharge during Peak Monetary Savings.
  • Systems Designed for Expansion.
  • Generators installed in conjunction with Storage Systems.

Solar Consulting

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Running on Sunshine – PV Services

  • Sizing solar systems when adding an Electric Vehicle (EV), or when switching from fossil fuels to electrical appliances.
  • Sizing to add solar to existing system.
  • Install EV chargers in conjunction with solar or storage installations.
Enphase Solar Battery Storage System