Every new job has a unique twist, but this one had several.  The first was getting the plans approved by the Bodega Harbor Home Owners Association (HOA).  The Owner did a great job of putting together the plans, and requirements for the HOA, an all black system, low profile to the roof with all conduit painted to match.  To meet this requirement and the limited roof space available, Synergy chose the black framed Sanyo HIT 220 watt panels.  The racking was Iron Ridge, with all black rails, clamps and feet.  The Enphase Inverters mounted to the racking and are not visible.  The result:


In addition the home had an antiquated electrical sub-panel, with no additional room to add the system.  A large part of installing a system is making safe and code compliant electrical connections.  Synergy relocated all the internal wiring from the existing sub-panel to two new sub-panels.  Below is the wiring chase Synergy built to re-route the wires to the new panels.

Now the Rosenberger-Hagens can watch the sun set over the Pacific and know that their solar system is also getting a chance to rest after working for them from sunup to sunset, everyday.