Our schools are in dire need of funding.  Budget cuts, larger class sizes and elimination of many “non-core” classes are now the norm.  At Synergy we believe it is our responsibility to support our local community and what is more important,  that of the education of the next generation.

To help support our schools Synergy will be donating between $500 and $1,000 for each solar system installed by a parent of a student or an employee (stakeholder) of a local Sebastopol public schools.  The amount donated will be dependent on the system size installed;  $500 for systems under 5kWh (CEC-AC) and $1,000 for larger systems.   Our first school to participate will be Analy High School.  With Analy, a stakeholder will be able to designate the department to which they would like the donation assigned to.  This could be the Athletic department, Band, Eco-Action Club, Science, etc or it can go to a general fund and let the school decide.

Our web-site will track the stated goal for funds at Analy and the progress towards this goal.  In addition, we will also show the difference Analy families are making in the tons of CO2 they are reducing from our community by going solar.  Now is the time to look at solar, reduce your current expenses, fix your utility costs, help improve the environment, and help support Analy High School.