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Cleaning your Solar Panels

Recommendations about servicing your solar panels.


General Overview

of a

Battery Storage System


Part 1:  Sizing a System

An overview of the criteria Synergy uses in sizing a Storage System

Part 2:  Components of a Storage System

An overview of the basic components comprising a Storage System


Part 3:  Benefits of Pairing Storage with Solar!

What benefits can a customer receive with Solar and Storage?


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Storage Blogs

Battery Storage Becomes Important!

With power shut-offs and rate changes, it is time to consider Batteries.

Future-Proofing Storage Systems

When sizing Storage Systems, make sure it can not only handle your current usage, but also your future needs


Urban Solar Battery Systems

Things to consider when installing Storage in an Urban Environment

Rural Solar Battery Storage

Things to consider when installing Storage in a Rural Environment.

Comparing 10 year ownership costs of Battery Storage and an Auto Start Generator

While Generators have a lower initial cost, Battery Storage can have a lower 10 year cost of ownership.


Why You Should Care What Your Lithium Ion Battery Is Made Of

Read why LiFePO Batteries are safer, more reliable and have more longevity than NMC Batteries

Should I Wait To Buy My Storage System!

Will Storage costs really be less expensive in a few years as Credits and Rebates decline.

Comparing Sonnen Eco’s and Enphase Encharge

What are the differences between these two Storage Systems sold by Synergy?


Fuel Switching and Battery Storage

Things to consider with your Battery Storage System when switching from Gas to Electric Appliances.

Do you really want to go “Off the Grid”!

When people say they want to go Off-Grid, they usually mean they want Back-up when the Grid is down

Electric Car and Solar Energy

Can I use my electric vehicle battery to power my home?

Why can’t I use my electric car to run my refrigerator or get hot water when the utility grid is down