Synergy’s Mission Statement

At Synergy, we believe every family, community and business can play a powerful role in creating an environmentally sustainable way of life. As a company we focus on lowering the carbon footprint of our internal operations, and that of every customer we serve. Synergy is taking a leadership role in supporting distributed energy systems through local energy production and storage systems, providing more resiliency and safety to our community.

Synergy strives to improve our local economy by purchasing our products locally whenever possible. We provide our customers with exceptional renewable energy solutions while supporting our employees with jobs they can take pride in. It is Synergy’s belief that if we all do our part to improve our local communities, we will leave this world a better place for the generations that follow.

Could not be happier with Synergy Solar. We met with 3 local solar companies. Jeff at Synergy performed the most detailed inspection & discussion of our site and options. We immediately liked his knowledge & professionalism. He was the only one who actually got on our roof with his testing equipment. SCEIP then helped us with a true apples-to-apples comparison of the 3 bids. We chose Synergy. Michael & team did an exceptional job installing the system as scheduled. Our inspector said he enjoys seeing Synergy on his schedule because they do a good job. We’ve been up and running for about 2 weeks, and today they installed our EV charging station. Their entire team is wonderful and take pride in what they do.

Cati & Glyn Jones


Mike and Marvin of Synergy Solar

Synergy employees on semi-annual outing