Sonnen is updating the website where your battery settings are controlled, Sonnen calls this site the Dashboard. Remember that you can only access this site from your home’s network for security purposes. (Also recall there are two Sonnen sites. The other site,, which is not effected, is for monitoring your usage and can be viewed remotely.) Important in this update: Sonnen is automatically changing the password to access the Dashboard. This change may have already taken effect for your system or it may take effect in the near future. Please take note:

If you see Commissioning Assistant 1.0:

Login: User

Password: Sonnen2016


If you see Commissioning Assistant 2.0:

Login: User

Password: sonnenUser3552

We recommend that you log in to the updated site and confirm that your battery settings are as you wish them to be. Synergy cannot change settings for you.

To read more about the Dashboard updates and configurations, click here for downloadable information. And we encourage you to watch this video.